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Sonny James

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About Sonny James

​​I am former track & field athlete and college cheerleader. Presently, I lift weights, play tennis, practice yoga, and run to maintain my fitness and enjoy my life.​ I have worked on many projects spanning print, social media, product shows, and video. Some of those brands are listed below. My resume and measurements can be found at the bottom of the page.

Mother Agency


I am a model from Detroit, Michigan. People often ask me how I got my name. Sonny is a nickname from my mom; most people address me by my first name, Stephen. I am a musician and music educator with a passion for creating all types of things. With images, they sometimes have the power to tell more than words can tell. Images have the power to evoke feelings and inspire action, much in the same way that hearing music does. I love being a part of that process as a model.